Alicia Puma Before AfterMy name is Alicia Puma. I am a 38 year old wife, mother and freelance artist. My story begins at home.

Although I come from a family with obesity issues, my weight gain did not begin until I married and had my child. Like so many women, I assumed the role of family care-taker; always putting others before myself. I sought comfort, from the daily stresses, in food. My cravings grew as I did.
At my heaviest, I wore a woman’s dress size 18. . However, that was so tight; it should have been a size 20. Stretch clothes became my fashion statement, as the thin girl I once knew, became swallowed up by this stranger. Denial was my word of choice, as diets became my hobby. I attempted every weight loss program imaginable. I ordered product, purchased books, joined meetings, weighed in, ate pre-packed foods, spent small fortunes on unused gym memberships; anything I could try to assist in my efforts to shed the pounds, I tried.

I knew I needed to lose weight but it never dawned on me, how heavy I was perceived by others. At least not until my son was ridiculed because of his fat mom. It broke my heart for my child, and me. I truly wanted to lose weight. I didn’t feel pretty and I didn’t feel well. After discovering that obesity had damaged my knee and that surgery was necessary, I also found out that I had auto immune issues. The fatigue that plagued my life was due to Fibromyalgia & a thyroid condition. If I didn’t make some serious changes, I would never feel well or confident again. Unfortunately, around that same time, my father’s cancer was discovered.

Challenges are what make us strong. My father opted for a healthy diet and alternative medical treatment to battle his disease. I supported him by changing my lifestyle as well. I began to eat healthier, following several small meals a day; lots of fruits and vegetables; high, lean proteins and plenty of water. My father lost his battle to the disease and I resorted back to my old habits.

I still tried to maintain a healthy eating regimen but my cravings were consuming me. I was perfect on program all day until the lights went out and the TV went on. My cravings, whether due to stress, boredom, emotions, etc, were sabotaging my diet efforts. That’s when I discovered a new product in the stores. It was all natural & supposedly helped with the craving issues I had been struggling with for so long.

I tried a free sample of this product called The Ice Cube Diet. The demo person told me it was made with a plant called hoodia, and that this plant had an appetite suppressant in its DNA. She remarked that I should see cravings diminish with-in 3 days. At this point, my weight had been at a plateau for close to a year. Figuring The Ice Cube Diet was all natural; what could I lose except a few dollars? So I purchased the product.

My free sample was given to me in the late afternoon & by the evening, I actually saw it take affect. Unlike other nights, I controlled my cravings. They didn’t control me. The next day, I took the Ice Cube Diet again and, to my surprise, I was able to follow portion control much easier. By day 3 on the “Ice Cubes,” my energy kicked up a notch and, I started to walk! Because of my auto immune problems and its related fatigue, the energy boost was the most amazing effect; and it came without any dangerous stimulant side-effects.

Within 2 weeks of taking The Ice Cube Diet, regularly, I dropped 10 pounds! With-in 3 months, I was down over 30 pounds. After that, the weight just melted away. My journey began close to a lady’s size 20. I can happily report that I now wear the between a size 4 & 6 . Just like my husband met me in 16 years ago. It’s been over 2.5 years and over 80 pounds lost, yet I still take The Ice Cube Diet as a maintenance supplement and my energy is better than ever. The Ice Cube Diet changed me from the inside out & both family & I are better because of it!

Thank you Desert Labs.