Benefits of the Ice Cube Diet

Q: Are there other benefits to the ICD? Does it cause any stomach discomfort? And does it help skin, hair and nails?

A: The Ice Cube Diet has many benefits for your body inside and out! First, the Hoodia Ice Cubes are helpful as they are all natural and will help your body to feel satisfied while controlling your intake. This will enable you to lose excess weight, while learning to eat right. The ice cubes also have an effect of giving you energy and getting your metabolism to speed up. The ICD comes with a complete diet plan to follow while taking the Hoodia. This in itself has many benefits for your body. The diet program focuses on whole grains, lean proteins, nuts, legumes and unsaturated fats. By working to incorporate the recipes and foods recommended one will find that they can lose weight, lower their bad cholesterol, increase their good cholesterol, enhance their vitamin and mineral intake and follow a balanced program. This will allow not only your body to be more heart healthy, but you will see that it will improve your skin, hair and nails as well. As for stomach upset, most people who have taken the ICD have not experienced stomach upset. Taking it as directed, once to twice a day, should allow you to maintain a healthy digestive system.