Control Cravings

To control your cravings while dieting, you should incorporate foods that keep you satisfied. The process of maintaining a healthy body weight is difficult when you can choose from a variety of food products available on the market. You should incorporate healthy foods in your diet, low in calories that will keep your calorie intake under the recommended daily limit and simultaneously, help you feel full.

What to Choose

Proteins are essential for your body’s well-being. Moreover, proteins are digested slower than carbohydrates and fats. This helps you to feel satisfied for longer periods. It is advised to consume chicken or turkey breast due to the low level of fat. Fish and seafood are also good choices, because even if they have a higher level of fat, they contain Omega 3 for heart health and proteins that are essential for your health. Low-fat beef is also a good choice.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet, as they offer natural fiber. You should also eat wholegrain cereals, crackers and cereal bars. Fiber absorbs liquid and expands so it gives you a sensation of satiety and helps to control cravings.

Additional Tips

People often mistake thirst for hunger. You should drink lots of water as a part of a healthy diet. Nutritionists recommend at least 8 glasses of water a day. Moreover, water and liquids, in general, ensure proper liver and kidney function.

You should eat on a regular basis; at least three meals a day and two snacks between meals. Remember to apply the concept of portion control at every meal. When you eat regularly, you won’t become hungry and then tend to overeat.

Physical exercise is not out of the question or contradictory to control cravings. Exercises of low intensity should be followed. Intense workouts will increase the hunger sensation. Exercises should be done in the morning after you eat in order to burn more calories.

Protein Bars

Eating protein bars or shakes is another way for curbing hunger. The market has a wide range of protein bars combined with different dried fruits and even chocolate. They are a good source of energy until your next meal and are healthier than fast food. You should select the ones that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Protein bars should be considered a healthy supplement and not as a substitute for a nutritious meal.

To summarize, proteins are an essential part of the fight with extra pounds. However, do not eat high protein foods repeatedly for curbing hunger. To eat healthy, you should include other food groups for a balanced diet.