Control Your Appetite: Loose Weight


If you are overweight and have tried in the past to loose those excess pounds, you know how frustrating it can be to fight with your appetite and food cravings. Following a diet can be aggravating because you have to learn a different way of looking at food and learning new behaviors. Learning or unlearning can take up to two months. Two months can be an awful long time if you’re fighting your appetite for all that time.

Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have used the Hoodia gordonii plant for hundreds of years to curb their appetite and provide energy for them while they are away on long hunting trips. Science has shown that Hoodia godornii has the ability to curb a person’s appetite and control cravings. Hoodia contains a naturally occurring chemical labeled P57. P57 is the ingredient that does the work of controlling appetite and cravings. The Ice Cube Diet has the most P57 than any other product on the market.

Potency of Hoodia

There are many products on the market that contain hoodia, but you need to take care about what you buy. Other hoodia products are dried and made into capsules. The processing of the hoodia destroys much of the P57, making the hoodia product less potent. The hoodia used in the Ice Cube Diet is 100% hoodia plant.

The hoodia used in the Ice Cube diet plan is grown and processed by Desert Labs. The hoodia is grown in the deserts of Southern Israel, which duplicates the environment of the Kalahari Desert where the hoodia plant grows naturally. Independent laboratory testing has shown that the fresh hoodia from Desert Labs is 200% more potent that any dried hoodia capsule.

Keeping it Fresh

Desert Labs controls the entire process of growing the plant from seeding, to harvesting and milling the plants. A splash of flavoring is added and then the hoodia is fresh frozen. There is as little processing as possible, short of sending the spiny cactus to supermarkets. The Ice Cube Diet provides the freshest and most potent hoodia you can buy.

How to Use the Ice Cube Diet

One cube a day will give your body signals that you are full and that will help you with your diet and loosing your extra weight. While The Ice Cube Diet and taking one cube a day will help curb your appetite, the hoodia can’t do all the work alone. When you order the Ice Cube Diet, you will also receive a healthy diet plan. You have to learn to change your behavior in the way you eat and how you look at food. Eat sensibly and use the Ice Cube Diet and you will loose weight. Order your Ice Cube Diet and get started on loosing weight.