Effective Natural Appetite Suppressant

Raw Frozen HoodiaThe market offers a great variety of delicious food products making it harder for us to lose weight in a healthy way. Nutritionists and health experts consider natural appetite suppressant pills a crucial ally in the fight with extra pounds.

Which is the best?

There is a wide range of natural diet pills on the market. However, you should know that supplements are an aid in losing the extra pounds. They do not work on their own, but combined with exercises and a healthy lifestyle they improve the results of your diet. According to recent studies, the following diet pills are recommended.


The extract of Hoodia Gordonii is considered to be helpful in the process of weight loss. This natural appetite suppressant gives you a feeling of fullness and reduces the daily calorie intake. Moreover, it is a natural solution for appetite control. Other known benefits of Hoodia are:

–          It regulates the level of glucose in the blood

–          It improves your metabolism

–          It tricks the brain to believe that you have already eaten

–          It plays an important role in controlling cravings for sweets

–          It reduces your interest towards food

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is an effective natural appetite suppressant for losing weight faster for several reasons:

–          It stimulates thermo genesis

This is the process in which fat is transformed into a source of energy. As a result of thermo genesis, it gives you energy.

–          It increases the body’s metabolic rate

–          It burns fat

Besides increasing the results of your weight loss program, it also has antioxidant properties and it is recommended for keeping your heart healthy.


This natural appetite suppressant has similar effects to caffeine. However, Guarana has more weight reduction capacity than caffeine pills.

The side effects of caffeine are multiple; it causes headaches, insomnia, heart palpitation in case of high doses and it can cause or influence anxiety disorders.

Guarana, on the other hand, works as an appetite control and increases the body’s energy levels.


The natural extract of coleus is also recommended for losing weight. The advantages are:

–          It stimulates the breakdown process of fat in the body cells

–          It promotes fat metabolism

Besides the above-mentioned natural diet pills, the pinolenic acid contained in Coleus acts as a healthy alternative for controlling your appetite.

Consult the Experts before Deciding

Before you decide to buy supplements, you should first discuss your decision with a health dietician to find out the benefits, the side effects and test to see if you are allergic to any of the components of the natural appetite suppressant pills.