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Why is Ice Cube Diet Hoodia better than pills and liquid?

Ice Cube Hoodia Pills and Liquid Extract
Desert Labs controls the entire life cycle of the Ice Cube Diet. We grow the Hoodia in our fields, harvest the plants, make the ice cubes, ship it over to our facility in the
United States and deliver it to you.
The distance between the source of the Hoodia powder, and the final products sold in the USA resulted in many companies selling sub-standard product.
Pure species, verified by world-renowned botanical
experts to be 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii.
Certificates are issued to Kibbutz Yotvata, the manufacturer and seller of the Ice Cube Diet.
The Hoodia powder changes many hands before it gets to the final packager. Make sure the certificates are issued to the product you are actually purchasing.
Fresh frozen puree, 24 hours from harvest to freezing guarantees the quality and freshness of our Hoodia. Capsule ingredients are made with powder, placed into pork-based gelatin or vegetable capsules, where additives like talc or other fillers are added. Extracts are made with alcohol which further degrades the quality of the Hoodia
Fingerprint analysis of the Ice Cube Diet shows up to 200% more active material than other Hoodia. It makes sense that freezing locks in the active ingredient and delivers maximum potency. Manufacturing Hoodia powder requires heating the plant, a process that invariably dries up most of the active matter. Similarly extracting the active material with alcohol, breaks it down, resulting in diminished potency.
Same absorption as liquid with the small difference of having 200% more active material to absorb. The additional digestion needed to break down the ingredients of the capsule limits absorption of the already reduced active ingredients.
We have conducted an independent study on 111 women that wanted to lose weight. Over 80% reported to have lost significant pounds. Read the highlights of the study. All the claims are made on the general properties of Hoodia and not based on tested performance of the specific brand. Since none of these products delivers fresh Hoodia, their claims cannot be supported.
Each Ice Cube contains 3000mg of fresh frozen Hoodia, generally accepted to be the daily recommended amount. Most people take one Ice Cube per day, but if you have a big appetite to quench, you can take more than one. Pills range anywhere between 250 mg and 1000 mg. Many brands recommend that you take 3 to 12 pills daily. Liquid extract does not mean “concentrated” active material and therefore many give vague recommendations for the amount you should take.
We add 5% lemon juice and our Ice Cubes taste great. Liquid drops must be mixed with juice, pills must be swallowed whole. Neither taste good.