Hoodia Pills are Not Created Equal

Hoodia gardonii has been the subject of many a water cooler conversations. It is purported to help you loose weight without even trying. To many, that would be an outright miracle. Hoodia does help to curt your appetite, but that doesn’t mean you can eat half a gallon of ice cream every night and still expect to loose weight. You still have to follow a sensible diet, and exercise always helps.

The Good and the Bad about Hoodia Gordonii

The good thing about Hoodia gardonii is that is has been shown by thousands of Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert to be effective. The natives have used the plant for millennia to control their hunger and thirst while hunting. Recent research has been inconclusive but findings have been enticing enough to have two major pharmaceutical companies interested. They subsequently pulled out of the hoodia craze, but not because the hoodia didn’t work, but mostly because they could not guarantee the quality of the product. Hoodia gordonii is a protected species on the world market. Governments control the export of the plant and its products and you must have a special permit to grow, export, or import any plant in the Hoodia group.

The Really Bad News

The really bad news is that there are always people willing to take advantage of the public, and the selling of Hoodia is no different. Hoodia is fairly hard to come by because of all the regulations regarding import and export of hoodia. Many companies boasted that their product contained hoodia, when in fact many did not. Many companies have been taken to court in several states because of fraudulent statements. You must be very careful about buying a product that claims to contain hoodia. Staying with brand names that you are familiar with is often a good choice.

Hoodia gardonii pills are available all over. If they actually contain hoodia, it is in a dried powder form. This means that the hoodia has been pulverized and heated. Heating breaks down much of the pertinent ingredient in hoodia, P57.

The Really Good News

The really good news is that there is a company, Desert Labs, which offers a 100% Hoodia gardonii product. The Ice Cube Diet brings you unadulterated Hoodia gardonii (aside from a bit of flavoring) straight to you in the form of a small ice cube. Just slip the ice cube into a glass of water, or simply put it in your mouth, for a full day of feeling satiated, and not wanting to overeat.