Phase II of the Dukan Diet

This healthy-slimming diet wad conceived by the French nutritionist and also been used by celebrities Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez. The two celebrities needed a fast and healthy way to lose extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

The diet is also famous because it allows you to eat as much as you like from a restricted list of food groups. Eating less or a maximum number of calories a day is not its main principle.

The Cruise Phase

This phase of the healthy-slimming diet consists in the alternations of two diets: a protein-based diet and a diet based on both proteins and vegetables. You should switch between the two diets after 1 or 5 days. The protein-based diet is described in the first phase of the diet.

All the food groups allowed in the first stage will be also consumed in the second stage.
The vegetables should be eaten fresh or cooked; they can be boiled in water or in the juice resulted from meat or fish. They can be consumed without limitations, but it is recommended to not exceed the limits of common sense. You can eat until the feeling of hunger has passed. If you make fresh salads, the sauce with olive oil is not allowed. You can use paraffin oil instead.

The allowed vegetables for this phase of the healthy-slimming diet are: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, green leaf vegetables like spinach, asparagus, leeks, green beans, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, fennel, and the different varieties of lettuce, endives, zucchini and peppers.

You can also eat carrots and beets but, with the indication that they should not be consumed at each and every meal.

Potatoes, rice, corn, peas, beans and lentils are not allowed. Moreover, so are artichokes.
The quantity of oat bran should also be increased to 2 spoons a day.

Goji fruits are also included by the nutritionist in this stage due to the fact that they have antioxidant properties. However, they contain sugar, so you should only eat a spoon of soup in the days with the protein-based diet and 2 spoons in the days when you can eat both proteins and vegetables.

Moreover, this phase includes a 30 minute walk a day.

How Long Does This Stage Last?
If you want to lose over 44 pounds, it should last for approximately 5 months. If you want to lose more than 11 pounds, you will keep this phase of the healthy-slimming diet for about 3 weeks. For a weight situated between 44 and 11 pounds, the answer is: somewhere in the middle.

You should start the diet with an ideal weight in your mind. This will be the goal of your fight with the extra pounds. Your main ally will be the Dukan healthy-slimming diet.