Phase IV of the Dukan Diet

This is the last phase of the Dukan healthy-slimming diet. If you have reached it, it means that your body has the desired weight and it has also succeeded in controlling it. However, your victory is still fragile.

The Stabilization Phase

In this phase of the healthy-slimming diet, Dr. Dukan has considered that you should follow 3 indispensable measures for life. They consist of:

• An only protein-based diet on each and every Thursday like in the attack phase
• Forget the elevator in favour of walking on the stairs
This physical exercise is recommended because you use the most powerful muscle groups in your body. As a result, you lose more calories. Furthermore, physical exercises are extremely important for the proper function of your heart.
• This phase of the healthy-slimming diet includes 3 spoons of oat bran a day, for each and every day, for life

The Benefits of the Oat Bran

Oat bran is the outer layer of the oat seed; it is rich in soluble fibres and pectin.
Soluble fibres contribute to the absorption of a large amount of water.

Once the oat bran has reached the gastrointestinal tract, it absorbs water and nutrients and it expands. This has 2 effects:
– It absorbs the water and fat; thus, it reduces the amount of fat that will be reabsorbed in the blood
– By expanding, it occupies a lot more space and it gives you a feeling of satiety

Studies have shown that it helps to stabilize sugar in the blood and it reduces the cholesterol level. However, it also absorbs valuable nutrients and vitamins through the same process so it is recommended to also use a vitamin supplement.

Three spoons of oat bran a day are considered by specialists the ideal amount for maintaining your good health. Furthermore, Dr. Dukan’s patients who have continued to eat oat bran have had the best results during their diet and have managed to maintain them over the years.

You should also eat the foods allowed in the consolidation phase of the healthy-slimming diet and any other food products. Moreover, you should remember all the suggestions and advice from the diet. These 3 rules should represent the guardians of your victory in the fight with the extra pounds.

In conclusion, even though you can consume anything you like, you should start from the food groups and products from the third stage of the Dukan healthy-slimming diet and slowly add higher quantities and at a higher frequency.