Sweets and a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and controlling cravings is an essential part of the weight loss process. However, this does not mean that you cannot eat your favourite sweets anymore. It is all about appetite control.

Why Isn’t Sugar Included in a Diet?
Nutrition is based on three elements: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are considered essential for healthy nutrition. Eating sugar, on the other hand, means you are increasing your daily calorie intake without getting any nutrition. Moreover, if it is a tradition in your family to have sweets after a meal, calories will accumulate quickly.

It is well known that many types of sweets generally contain saturated fats that are not recommended for a healthy diet. People also feel the need to eat sweets due to a chemical present in the brain, known as serotonin. This substance is responsible for making people feel happy. Sugar plays a role in helping the body produce more serotonin. This had lead to the believe that sweets make us happy.

How to Eat Sweets and Keep Your Weight Under Control
Controlling cravings is important when eating sweets. The first thing that you should do is to set a limit on the number of calories resulting from sweets that are allowed on a daily basis. It should be a maximum of 300 calories per day.

Portion control is especially recommended for sweet treats. There are many types of sweets available on the market packed in small bags of about 100 calories. You should also choose sweets with low-sugar content or sugar free. They represent a healthy alternative to controlling cravings.

You should take into consideration that a variety of meals with different flavours will help you avoid eating too many sweets. Another good way to avoid a big dessert is to include food products with a sweet taste; fruits and vegetables are always good for a healthy diet because they contain vitamins and minerals.
If you have decided to incorporate sweets in your diet, you also need a way to burn the extra calories you have consumed. If you eat between 200 and 300 calories from sweets without any nutritional value, you have to work out harder. In order to loose weight and get fit, you must burn off more calories then you take in.

When you focus on avoiding sweets and controlling cravings, don’t forget that honey should be included in your healthy diet because it gives you energy and improves your body’s immune system in a natural way.