The Effects of Spirulina in Weight Loss

Spirulina is a natural dietary supplement that improves your health and plays an important role in proper nutrition. It is available in the form of tablets, powder and capsules. Spirulina is a part of the green-blue algae family. Due to its capacity to maintain and control weight in a natural way, Spirulina is one of the most popular food supplements available on the market.

Spirulina and Nutrition

As a natural dietary supplement, Spirulina is a great source of nutrients. It contains:
• 10 vitamins including vitamin B, C and E
• 8 minerals
• 18 amino acids
• Fatty acids like Omega 3
• Beta-carotene with antioxidant properties that makes your skin shine and look younger and reduces the effects of the aging process
• Chlorophyll

Moreover, it provides your body with essential proteins that are easier to digest and absorb than meat and vegetables, the richest food groups in proteins. The nutrients contained in this natural dietary supplement will be transported throughout the body quicker. It is also recommended for physical exercises because it gives you extra energy, if you are trying to build your muscles, or in diets low in carbohydrates.

If you eat poor-quality food, your body will not receive the required nutrients. Spirulina will provide additional nutrients while curbing hunger in the same time.

It is also benefic if included in your weight loss plan.

Spirulina and Weight Loss

Spirulina is effective in controlling your weight in two ways, depending on the way you take it:

1. It reduces weight
In order to help you lose the extra pounds, it is recommended to take between 5-8 tablets a day at least 30 minutes prior to your meal. You will feel satisfied and the feeling of hunger is calmed. You will reduce the calorie intake and give your body the nutrients it needs for proper function. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in controlling cravings. It is also recommended for people who eat large food quantities at a single meal. These capsules help them understand the meaning of appetite control for a healthy and nice-looking body.
2. Can be considered a way to gain weight
If your weight is below normal limits, it means that your body does not receive enough nutrients or calories. This natural dietary supplement will improve your nutritional deficit by giving your body additional nutrients for proper development. In this case, Spirulina should be taken after meals.

Some studies have shown that as a natural dietary supplement, Spirulina plays a role in the appetite control of overweight people.