Phase III of the Dukan Diet

If you have succeeded with completing the first two stages of the Dukan healthy-slimming diet, it means you are victorious in the fight with the extra pounds. You have either reached the desired weight or you have lost enough pounds until the diet has become too difficult to continue.

The Consolidation Phase
The role of the third phase of the healthy slimming-diet is to include in your diet additional food groups and products without gaining back the lost pounds. You can easily put them back because your body tries to overcome the calorie loss from the diet. Thus, it will consume fewer calories and take as many as possible from the food you eat. As a result, the new food groups will be consumed in limited quantities. The diet will now include portion control.

Unlike, the first two phases, the duration of this one is fixed: 10 days for each 2 pounds lost.

What Are You Allowed to Eat

You should follow the recommendations strictly in this stage of the healthy-slimming diet.
You are allowed to eat the following:

• A single portion of fruit a day

You are allowed to eat all kinds of fruits except bananas, grapes, cherries and nuts, walnuts, peanuts or pistachio.

A portion means an apple a day or a pear, an orange, a grapefruit or a peach. You can also eat a cup of strawberries or raspberries a day, a slice of watermelon, 2 kiwis, 2 apricots or a small mango or half of a bigger one. They will not be eaten in the evening.
The most recommended fruit is the apple followed by strawberries or raspberries and the watermelon. You should also eat 3 spoons of Goji fruits a day.

• 2 slices of whole wheat bread
• A portion of cheese a day (about 40 grams)
• Starch

In the first half of the phase you are allowed only one portion, while in the second half, two portions. You are only allowed to eat: pasta, couscous, lentils, peas, whole rice and potatoes, but not fried. A portion is between 200 – 220 grams, but without oil or butter.

• Lamb and pork meat and bacon without too much fat
• The Celebration Meal

One meal not one day is allowed in the first half and two meals in the second half of the stage of the Dukan healthy-slimming diet. Two rules: you can eat anything you like but a single portion: an appetiser, entrée and dessert, and you should not have two consecutive celebration meals.

• Each Thursday should be the protein day

You should also eat 2 spoons of oat bran, drink at least 1.5 litres of water and walk for at least 25 minutes a day in this phase of the healthy-slimming diet.