The Physical Activity of the Dukan Diet

Physical activity is an important part of the Dukan healthy slimming diet. It is considered by the nutritionist as the ‘second general of the army which fights the war against the extra pounds.’ We all know the benefits in losing weight and staying healthy.

The Benefits of Physical Activity in Combination with the Dukan Diet
• Physical exercises help you lose weight faster
• It will make the process of the healthy slimming diet feel less frustrating
• If you have to drink that glass of wine in the evening (not until the consolidation phase), you can do it if you walk 20 minutes extra in that day
• It generates a feeling of pleasure through the endorphin secretion in your nervous system
• It makes you thin, but with better defined muscles; you will look even better
• It will help you overcome the weight stagnation periods faster

The Recommended Physical Activity: Walking
Walking is recommended by Dr. Dukan as the best physical activity and is also included in the healthy slimming diet due to the following reasons:

• Walking is man’s most natural activity that has been practiced from the beginning of civilization
• It is the least strenuous activity and, as a result, it can be practiced for the longest time
• It is a physical activity that uses the greatest number of muscles in the body and, it consumes as many calories as playing sports

It is hard to imagine how complex this activity that feels so natural to us. It consumes many calories because we use the largest muscle groups in the body: the quadruples, the buttocks and the abdominal muscles that contract each time we make a step.
Moreover, walking is the only physical activity that can be practiced by obese persons without any health risks.

For the above mentioned reasons and more others, Dr. Dukan included walking in the healthy slimming diet.

Each phase includes walking between 20 and 30 minutes a day. In the cruise phase, if your weight stagnates for a week, you should increase the walking interval from 30 to 60 minutes for 4 days until you start losing weight again.

If you are wondering how fast you should walk, imagine that you are going to work in the morning but on your way to work you have to stop by the post office to send a letter. This is how Dr. Durkan recommends it. You should also walk after a meal because it helps you use over 30% more calories than if you walk any other time of the day.

You can practice other sports during the healthy slimming diet as long as you also respect the nutritionist’s walking rules.